And We’re Off In The Land Of Instagram

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If it wasn’t for Instagram where would the foodies paste their pictures to?

I personally have an instagram account for mostly food that I update almost daily for good foods.


Shake Shack Goes the Wendy’s Route and Debuts “Fresh Fries”

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New York City’s beloved Shake Shack makes a big move to “Fresh Fries” on August 6th. The burger joint served crinkle cut fries but now the has gone the Wendy’s route to use fresh potato cut French fries for their restaurants now.

Personally, I have not tried the new French fries yet, but I hope it does not affect my love of their cheese fries.


Clean Bathrooms Are “Most Important Marketing Job” For Restaurants, Says Expert

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Isn’t this one of the most important things in the restaurant industry to have a clean bathroom? Yes it does. According to Ed Zimmerman of The Food Connector. He explains with food sanitary grades on display on restaurants, more customers are becoming aware.

I agree with this in a big scale. It’s not only the food I rate or the customer service but the cleanness of the restaurant and bathroom. Most of my review posts will always include a bathroom guide, if I go that is.

What do you think of the article and do you judge the cleanness of the bathroom when you’re in a restaurant?

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The Thing About Restaurant Websites…

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Recently, I came across this post on Reddit about restaurant websites, and almost everyone agrees that having a complete Flash website doesn’t make your company’s business awesome, just very annoying.

Why do people use websites such as Yelp to look up information about the restaurant? It’s not just for reviews but to see the bloody menu there. Sure, I’ll credit to you that the site does look really nice, but most devices cannot even see Flash. Many people use smartphones these days for convenience but when the phone does not support Flash, you’re missing out on a customer already.

Designing websites for so many years, I’ve always come to dislike website that automatically play music. If my operating system didn’t support muting certain programs, I would be in a fit of rage and most likely never to visit your website.

In short, restaurants and other businesses please, please, please do not have your website in Flash and have automatic sounds played.

The Best Chocolate Cake in the World – NOW: Choco Bolo

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The Best Chocolate Cake in the World (Now branded as Choco Bolo)
68 Jay St
(between Water St & Front St)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Price: $-$$

After watching “Unique Sweets” on Cooking Channel about literally the best chocolate cake in the world at The Best Chocolate Cake in the World.

It wasn’t easy to find this place as it was tucked inside a busy building which had lots of inventory blocking it from view. But once you get there you see this quaint shop with a cozy table with a display of French goods.

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Macaron Day 2011: NYC

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Image Courtesy of: theajnabee

One of my favorite desserts are going to be given out tomorrow in New York City! The macaron, not to be mistaken for the macaroon (those are made of mostly coconuts!), are going to be given out by the following participants.

La Maison du Chocolat has some amazing macarons with variety of flavors mixed with chocolate! Unfortunately, I haven’t tried most of the places listed for 2011, in except of Macaron Cafe, which was too sweet for my palette and well, I got an allergic reaction from the food dyes of their macaron.

One of last year’s participants, La Maison du Macaron (former Madeleine Patisserie) is a place I frequent. It can be a bit pricey at $2.50 each, but it is so worth it.

For a first time macaron eater, I suggest trying the “typical” flavors, such as vanilla (Tahitian or French are my recommendations), and dark chocolate. If you are bold, go for the fruit combination, tart flavors are the best such as passion fruit, current, or berry flavors. It is not the shell of the cookie that makes it but it is the filling. The tart filling brings out the entire cookie.

A single cookie itself is very rich, that is why I typically share, however, for those who do not share, and never had a macaron before… TAKE SMALL BITES! You are to savor the flavors!

Go out and explore the world of macaron tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!

Welcome to 2011

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A new year has passed and again I failed to update this food blog website. But no worries, things will be looking up soon again.

The website
A new layout will be more appealing to the eye (hopefully). Simpler navigation and more eye candy for all.

About this Website
The entire angle is about to change. It will not just be reviews of cheap eats around my the neighborhood of my campus, but other restaurants in different areas. Also, recipes will be posted from my cooking and baking adventures. Some of my friends will be posting as well too.

Food conventions will be a new highlight as well.

All the information the “about” page will change soon.

Look forward to it soon!

Taco Bandito

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Okay, I come here all the time. I support local restaurants rather than your chains (and you should too). There are a few Chipotle or Qdobas in the neighborhood, but then as like everyone else, they’re mission styled and it never sits right in your stomach… and I forgot to mention, pretty freaking expensive.

This is here why I’m giving a little promotion to Taco Bandito, it’s quaint, clean and you pay for just the right amount of food.

Taco Bandito
Where: 325 Eighth Ave
(Btwn 26th & 27th St)
Genre: Tex-Mex
Price Range: $
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Bombay Garden

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Unfortunately, I can’t take pictures of some of the places I want because well… I’d look like a dick, and I was placed right in front of the register.So you guys will have to stick what reviews I got without a picture.

This place wasn’t even worth taking pictures.

Bombay Garden
Where: 234 7th Ave, New York NY10011
(Btwn 23rd & 24th St)
Genre: Indian – Buffet
Price Range: $-$$
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